Can Playing Piano Increase Your IQ Points?

There is actually a very non-musical reason, also unrelated to passion, why many people learn piano lessons Singapore. It is cross-reported across many different studies around the world that playing this instrument will actually help increase and improve your Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

For example, according to research paper from University of Zurich, higher IQ points has been linked to the regular playing of a musical instrument – and one of the main ones would definitely be that of the piano. Apparently from their research, it has shown that there is more grey matter in the brains of people who do. That has often been directly linked to higher intelligence.

While most people would instantly grasp the idea that playing it and practising would definitely be connected to improved motor skills such as hand-eye coordination, hearing and storing of audio information, what is interesting is that it innately makes people more intelligent than they “naturally” would be otherwise.

Apparently, this benefit does not only apply to young children – though it would logically be most beneficial for them since the improved IQ would then be carried by them throughout their lives. This benefit also applies to much older people – even those above 65. While mahjong is the preferred past time by both men and women above age 65 in Singapore, the best that can potentially help you in is to supposedly prevent dementia. However, if you want that as well as becoming smarter, then you would need to and should learn the piano instead.

Of course, just like all other things, there is a disclaimer that comes to this. It increases your existing IQ, but it would not be able to turn a below average person into the top genius in the world too. It improves on what you already have – be it high or low, but it is not a magic pill. On top of that, to see the maximum results, regular practice would be required – ideally several times a week at least.