Can Singaporeans Make A Living Playing The Cello?

Yes, it is possible for Singaporeans to make a living playing the cello. However, it is important to note that making a living solely from playing the cello in Singapore can be challenging and requires a combination of talent, skill, dedication, networking and entrepreneurial spirit. Being a good cellist alone is not enough. Here are some avenues through which Singaporean cellists can pursue a career and potentially make a living.

Join professional orchestras

Singapore is home to several orchestras and ensembles, such as the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Singapore Chinese Orchestra, and Singapore National Youth Orchestra. These organizations in Singapore offer opportunities for professional cellists in Singapore to secure positions and perform in concerts and productions in Singapore.

Become freelance cellists

More entrepreneurial cellists in Singapore can also try to establish themselves as freelance musicians, performing in various events, functions and concerts. This can include solo performances, chamber music collaborations, accompanying singers or instrumentalists, and providing music for weddings, corporate events as well as cultural festivals in Singapore.

Teach other Singaporeans how to play the cello

Many cellists in Singapore supplement their income by offering private cello lessons in Singapore. Teaching on the cello can be done independently, by working with an agency such as ours – Musicion.

Some cellists in Singapore explore composition and arranging as additional income streams. They create original compositions or arrange existing music for cello solo or ensemble, which can be published, sold, or licensed for performances and recordings. This can be done online as well, for clients all around the world even if you are based in Singapore.

Collaborate with music studios

Cellists in Singapore can offer their services for recording sessions in studios, providing cello tracks for albums, jingles, soundtracks, and other audio productions. This can include collaborations with singers, bands, composers and music producers in Singapore or to those in other countries via the Internet.

Singaporean cellists can pursue further studies or attend music festivals and workshops through scholarships and grants. These opportunities can enhance their skills, expand their network, and open doors to performance engagements.

Another way cellists in Singapore can try to make a living off their cello playing skills is to collaborate with artists from other disciplines, such as dancers, visual artists, theater groups and filmmakers in Singapore, to create innovative and interdisciplinary performances or projects. These collaborations can lead to unique performance opportunities and potential income sources.