Can You Be Too Old To Be Mastering The Cello?

Some people want to learn cello lessons Singapore but are worried that they may be “over-age”. Let us explore that today.

Better to start early, but never too old

Some aspiring cellists may look at other students who may be mainly in their teens who are learning the instrument, and therefore, they feel like they may be “too late” when it comes to starting to play. They are also sometimes fed the pre-conceived notion that you need to be young to learn something like the cello, or their fingers will be too stiff or their mind will not be able to comprehend what is being taught to them. From our experience, this is nothing but senseless fear talking to you. This is not like asking you to become an Olympic 100m dash sprinter at the age of 50, which can be near impossible. However, you do not need physical strength to be able to master this. What you do need is the willingness to let go of these societal pre-conceived notions as well as willingness to be taught. In fact, there is actually no known evidence that starting young makes you a better player. What is a fact is that it takes months and years of practice and being taught by a good tutor to master it. The age you begin this process is much less important – it is just that the younger you start, the younger you are able to become great at it. It is really about a matter of time, not age.

Adult Singaporeans have more autonomy over their learning

Some Singaporeans may really have very busy schedules. But if you look back, most of us were actually quite busy during academia times too – you had to prepare for exams, deal with never ending homework and projects as well in participate in at least one co-curricular activity. The better news is that now, you probably have more autonomy over your timing and can arrange free time for classes, no matter how busy you are; whereas when you were young, your parents probably dictated that.