Can You Still Master The Violin In Adulthood?

Some Singaporeans are worried that if they are already grown up, it is harder to learn music. However, the truth cannot be further from that. Many continue to take violin lessons in Singapore for a simple reason – because they love it, and understand that with the right tutor, they can master the instrument no matter what age they are at. Here are some of the reasons why you most definitely can still become a great violinist even if you are no longer a teen or child.

No physical limitations even if older

First of all, playing a musical instrument is not like playing a sports. If you are 40 or 50 years old, you really do have physical limitations compared to young people in their 20s when it comes to something like soccer or basketball. However, when it comes to something like playing the violin, you absolutely have no issues.

Talents are usually just violinists who have been learning and playing for a long time

Second of all, it is years of correct practice and experience that makes you great, not “natural” talent which needs to be started from young. Some people look at child prodigies and feel discouraged. The truth is they are only “child prodigies” because they started years ago. For instance, some world class performers may be in their teens, but they just simply started when they were 5 years old and has been playing consecutively for well over 10 years! Practice makes permanent, and with the right mentor and right learning attitude, you too can become great at it no matter your age.

Singaporean adults can allocate more time to learning compared to when they were students

Third of all, as a grown-up, you can arrange your own schedule and dedicate hours to practise, making you become amazing at it. On the other hand, if you were a school student in Singapore, chances are very high your school teachers would be giving you tons of homework and your parents would send you to tuition and more. You would not have had as much time to dedicate to practice sessions, which are absolutely necessary.