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Drum lessons for adults

You will get a drum teacher from Singapore who is able to cater to the busy work schedule of adults in Singapore. If you want to take drum lessons on the weekends when you are more free from your work, that is possible too. You will receive fully customized drum lessons too depending on your own preferences and goals.

Drum lessons for kids

Whether you want your children to learn how to play the drum or whether they told you they want to learn the drum, we have the right Singapore drum teacher for you. Your children will receive customized drum lessons in Singapore designed for them and the drum teacher allocated will also have experience teaching kids.

Customized drum lessons from private drum teachers in Singapore

Learn to play the drums today from experienced teachers in Singapore.

Regardless if you want to pick up drumming as a hobby or to become a world class professional drummer and provide stage performance playing in a band around the world, you will have the ability to master drumming and also have lots of fun during your drum lessons taught by our Singapore drum teachers.

Even if you are a complete beginner when it comes to drumming skills, drum beats or music theory,  you will be allocated a good drum teacher in Singapore to help you understand music and teach you drum techniques to build a strong foundation and basics. Our teachers also teach advanced lessons for drums in Singapore.

Regardless if students want to learn to play jazz, rock or pop genre, your drum lessons can be customized and to learn different drum techniques. Because every Singapore student’s needs and starting levels for drumming are so different, your Singapore drum lessons will be fully tailored to you.

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