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Drum lessons for adults

Drum lessons for adults

You will get a drum teacher who is able to cater to the busy work schedule of adults in Singapore. If you want to learn on the weekends when you are more free from your work, that is possible too. You will receive fully customized drum classes too depending on your own preferences and goals.

Drum lesson for kids

drum lessons for kids

Whether you want your children to learn how to play the drum or whether they indicated to you that they wish to learn the instrument, we have the right Singapore drum teacher for you. Your children will be able to receive  customized classes designed specially for them and they will also have experience teaching young ones.

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We provide teaching for adults as well as for teenagers.

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If you are an aspiring drummer, you can start taking drums lessons Singapore from a highly qualified and enthusiastic drum teacher today. Affordable music lessons for you to learn to play the drums.

Regardless if you want to pick up drumming as a hobby or to become a world class professional drummer and provide stage performance playing in a band around the world, you will have the ability to master drumming instruments and also have lots of fun along your learning journey taught by our musician tutors.

Even if you are a complete beginner when it comes to drumming skills, drum beats or music theory,  you will be allocated a good teacher to help you understand music and teach you basic techniques to build a strong foundation and basics. Of course, as the saying goes “practice makes perfect”, to master a new skill such as drumming, you will also need to put in hard work to play the drums. With this, over the course of your learning, students can expect to see steady and good progress if the students also keep up their own playing and practicing after their lesson and class.

Students who are already at an advanced level and want to take their drumming skills to an even higher level, these students can get advanced curriculum lesson via our music teachers.

Whether students want to learn how to be performing or playing different types of jazz, rock or pop songs via drums, or really any genre, your lesson can be customized for that and you will learn different techniques.

Because every student individual needs and starting levels for drumming are so different, your music education will be fully tailored to you. Whether your goal is to become a drummer at a local band drumming and playing a wide repertoire of rock, jazz or pop song at live performances, or simply because you have a passion for drums, you are at the right place. Become a world class drummer here.

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