How Can Singaporean Guitarists Play More Expressively?

Playing the guitar expressively requires a combination of technical skills, emotional connection to the music, and a willingness to experiment and explore. Here are some tips for guitarists in Singapore to play more expressively.

Build a strong musical foundation on the guitar

Developing a strong foundation in guitar technique is essential. There is no way around this. You need to have technically sound techniques. Therefore, if you want to get it correct from the start, you are recommended to get some guitar lessons in Singapore from qualified guitarists. Practice scales, chords, and various playing styles regularly to build dexterity and control over the instrument. A solid technical base allows you to express yourself more freely.

Pay attention to the dynamics of your guitar playing

Pay attention to the dynamics of your playing, which involves varying the volume and intensity. Experiment with playing softly and gradually building up to louder sections, or vice versa, to add emotional depth to your performance.

Employing tasteful vibrato and bends can add emotion and personality to your guitar playing. Practice different vibrato styles and bending techniques to incorporate them into your melodies and solos. Also make sure to experiment with your guitar’s tone settings and effects pedals to find the right sound for different pieces of music. A well-crafted tone can convey a wide range of emotions and enhance expressiveness.

Connect emotionally to the song you are playing

One of the main weaknesses of guitarists in Singapore is that they are usually able to play songs on the guitar very accurately, but do not have much emotions behind their playing. This is perhaps partly due to the high focus on academia and getting correct answers in everything in Singapore’s schools and society, which then leads Singaporean guitarists to also focus on playing accurately to the extent that there is zero emotions in their playing. If you want to become a more expressive guitarist in Singapore, then make sure to connect emotionally to the music you are playing. Whether it is a cover of a song or an original composition, infuse your performance with genuine feelings and emotions.

Learn from other guitarists in Singapore

Playing with other musicians can inspire you to be more expressive. It allows you to respond to the emotions and cues of your fellow musicians, creating a more immersive and emotional performance.

Record yourself to know how you are actually playing

Last but not least, Singaporean guitarists should record their playing in video format. This is especially useful for beginner guitarists in Singapore. This is because most beginner to intermediate guitarists are not actually doing what they think they are doing. By recording yourself in video format, you get to listen to your own playing from a third person’s point of view, as well as also being able to scrutinize your own guitar techniques.