How Singaporean Guitarists Can Reach Grade 8 Quicker

Here are some specific tips tailored for Singaporean guitarists who want to reach grade 8 quicker on the guitar.

Take music classes in Singapore’s MOE schools if given the opportunity

Many students in Singapore receive exposure to musical education in public MOE schools in Singapore. It will be good if students in Singapore can therefore take advantage of music classes and resources provided by MOE schools to start learning about music as well as the guitar at a young age.

Learn from an already successful Singaporean guitarist

Nothing helps you become a successful guitarist in Singapore faster than learning from someone who has already been there and done that. If you want to become good on the guitar, then it is highly recommended that you search for qualified private instructors for guitar lessons in Singapore. The tutors should be well-versed with exam requirements and can provide personalized guidance.

Alternatively, you could also enroll in physical music schools at shopping centres across Singapore that offer structured guitar courses aligned with the ABRSM syllabus. These institutions often also have experienced instructors familiar with the local educational landscape.

Set realistic expectations based on your commitment levels and personal schedule

Set realistic goals and expectations for what is required for you to reach grade 8 on the guitar. For instance, you will need regular practice weekly, or ideally daily on the guitar. If you live in Singapore, you probably have a busy career or a busy school life. Are you able to commit to practicing on the guitar whether or not you feel tired? Only if the answer is a resounding yes, will you stand a chance at progressing through the guitar grades much faster than the average guitarist in Singapore.

Surround yourself with supportive people and other successful guitarists

Having a supportive community of friends, family, and fellow musicians in Singapore who encourage and celebrate your progress as a guitarist will also be extremely helpful. On top of giving you motivation, they should also hold you accountable to your goals. You have to understand that if you want to progress much quicker than the average guitarist in Singapore, you need to keep the pressure up on yourself. Additionally, collaborating with other guitarists in Singapore can also offer you new perspectives and valuable learning opportunities.

Record your own guitar playing on video, analyze your mistakes and improve

Last but not least, with smartphones’ video and audio capabilities these days, there is no excuse to not record yourself practising. Most amateur guitarists in Singapore are not playing anything like they think they are in their minds. All you need to do to know the truth is to record yourself and watch the replay. You will be surprised at how many mistakes you will notice you are making. This will be easily revealed if you record yourself.