Is It Embarrassing To Learn Guitar In Adulthood?

Is it too late or embarrassing for you to pick up this music instrument? No, the answer is no. Our guitar lessons Singapore for adults are very popular among locals, and many other students are also all grown up, and yet they make amazing progress and most definitely no one is laughing at them!

There are advantages to you learning this skill when you are all grown up versus when you are still a kid. Here are the reasons why that is so.

First of all, you probably have more free will. What do we mean by that? As a Singaporean kid in your past, you must be so busy with your school work, tuition and more. If that was not enough to keep you busy, there were still mandatory co-curricular activities that you had to participate in after school hours. It would be quite difficult for you to still pull out time from your day to practise on the guitar. On top of that, if your parents were not supportive of your musical endeavors, it would be even harder, since as a child, your actions were probably dictated by your parents. Now, as you are in adulthood, you have lots of free will and ability to control your own life. Therefore, if you want to dedicate time to practise and become a great guitarist, literally nothing is stopping you from achieving it other than your own mindset.

Second of all, it is likelier that you have a longer attention span now and are able to really focus on the classes or practice sessions for long periods at a go. This makes becoming great at it much easier. No one became a great musician by playing it for 10 minutes a week. You become great by being absolutely focused for long periods of time. It is probably relatively easier for you to achieve that now as you are in your adulthood.

Third of all, in the SG context, if you are still schooling and learning music, there is a good chance your parents had a big part in that decision. However, if you decide to pick up the skill now, chances are extremely high you decided on it yourself. A decision that is made by you will keep you going even when the going gets tough. It is not the easiest thing to master the guitar. But since you decided on wanting to do that yourself, you are much more likely to succeed at it! Don’t worry, there are many others who are like you too, so sign up with us too and start your journey today.