Is It Harder To Learn Violin As An Older Singaporean?

Learning the violin at an older age in Singapore can come with its own set of challenges. However, with the right mindset, dedication, and guidance, it is absolutely possible to learn and make progress on the violin. Here are some factors to consider.

As an adult or even older adult in Singapore, you may have various commitments such as work, family, or other responsibilities. Balancing violin practice with these obligations can be challenging. It requires discipline and effective time management to allocate regular practice sessions. Setting aside dedicated practice time and establishing a consistent routine will help you progress steadily. However, while it sounds like it can be more difficult to dedicate time to learn the violin because you are an older Singaporean adult now already, there are things that make it easier for you to learn now too. For example, you have full autonomy over your life’s schedule. As a child in Singapore, your parents probably dictated your time schedule on weekdays after schools as well as weekends. However, as an adult, you are free to decide how you want to allocate your time. If you truly want to succeed as a violinist, as an adult in Singapore, you can easily choose to commit to practising on the violin as well as taking violin lessons in Singapore and it will happen. That may not always be possible as a child in Singapore.

Some people in Singapore may feel that certain physical aspects of playing the violin, such as finger dexterity, hand position and bowing technique, can be more demanding for older learners in Singapore. It may take longer to develop the necessary muscle memory and coordination. However, with regular practice and proper technique, you can overcome these challenges. Also, while some Singaporean adults may have less flexibility in their fingers than younger children, the advantage is that you will have more strength, which helps too in other aspects of playing the violin.

While younger learners in Singapore may have a slight advantage in terms of cognitive plasticity, adults possess maturity, discipline and life experiences that can aid in the learning process. Additionally, adults would usually be able to grasp complex music technicalities on the violin easier and quicker than young children in Singapore.