Methods To Become A Pianist In Singapore

When it comes to learning the piano in Singapore, there are several approaches available. Each method has its own advantages and it ultimately depends on the aspiring Singaporean pianist’s goals, preferences and learning style for the piano.

Take private classes

First of all, what many aspiring pianists do in Singapore is to actually take private piano lessons in Singapore from a qualified piano teacher. One-to-one classes allows for customized teaching which caters to the student’s specific needs, skill level and musical interests on the piano. Private classes will allow the piano students to receive provide immediate feedback, correct mistakes and be fully customized to help them achieve their own goals.

Learn at a public music school

You can also head to a physical music school located at a local shopping centre or heartland area in Singapore. Most of these music schools are situated at suburban shopping centres throughout Singapore. This is highly similar to the method of hiring a private tutor. The main difference is that students need to travel to the physical location in Singapore to learn, and also will usually need to pay much higher fees because these schools have administrative staff and high rental costs to cover.

Figure it out yourself

The least recommended method, is to study playing the piano by yourself. The reason for this is because there is zero feedback on your playing of the piano or understanding of music at all when it comes to pure self learning with no one overseeing your learning. You could be building up bad habits over time.

Nonetheless, for those in Singapore who want to be purely self taught, there are numerous websites or YouTube channels dedicated to piano instructions. You could also download and use piano teaching mobile applications. Mobile applications and software offer a range of features such as interactive classes, virtual keyboards, music theory tutorials and progress tracking. Piano apps provide a self-paced learning experience, allowing individuals to learn at their own convenience. They are particularly beneficial for those who prefer a more independent and flexible approach to learning. This method can help you achieve a beginner to intermediate piano playing skill level, but it will be very difficult to rely on this alone to become an excellent pianist.

If you are trying to learn a very simple song for just one occasion though, this may be a decent and super low budget way to do it. If you are actually trying to become a master pianist or ace the ABRSM exams, please look for a tutor instead.