Scoring Distinction In ABRSM Guitar Exams For Singaporeans

Scoring a distinction in the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) guitar examinations in Singapore is a testament to a guitarist’s skill, dedication, and musicality. If you are a Singaporean guitarist aiming to achieve a distinction in the ABRSM guitar examinations, here are some valuable tips to help you succeed.

Begin preparing for the guitar exams well in advance

Begin your preparation for the ABRSM guitar exams in Singapore well in advance and plan your practice schedule accordingly. Familiarize yourself with the syllabus for each grade, which can be obtained from the ABRSM website. Take note of the specific technical skills, pieces, scales and sight-reading requirements. Every grade’s exams looks for slightly different proficiency and skills.

Take classes from a good guitarist in Singapore

Looking for and taking Singapore guitar lessons from a qualified guitarist who is familiar with the ABRSM examination process can greatly enhance your chances of scoring a distinction. A good instructor can help guide you through the syllabus, offer valuable insights on technique and interpretation and most importantly, provide feedback to help you improve. One of the biggest issues that beginner guitarists in Singapore face is that they are unable to self-diagnose any mistakes they may be making. However, with a guitar teacher, he or she will be able to provide you with immediate feedback on your playing and correct you immediately before any errors become a bad playing habit. Another benefit of learning from a proven guitarist is that he or she will also be able to provide you with mock examinations to simulate the real ABRSM guitar examination environment so you can gain valuable experience. This will help you manage nerves during the actual examinations.

Practice technical skills slowly first, then increase tempo over time after getting muscle memory correct

Dedicate time to mastering technical skills on the guitar and ensure accuracy, clarity as well as fluidity in your playing. Pay attention to correct fingerings, hand position and coordination. Practice scales and arpeggios in different keys. You can then gradually increase the tempo to develop speed and control.

Select guitar pieces that suits your playing style and proficiency best

For Singaporeans to score distinction in the ABRSM guitar exams, it is also important to select appropriate repertoire pieces that showcase your technical abilities while allowing you to convey emotion and musicality. Study the pieces thoroughly, understanding the stylistic characteristics and historical context. Experiment with dynamics, phrasing, and articulation to bring out the musical nuances and create a captivating performance. One of the mistakes many Singaporean guitarists make is being technically sound, but expressionless. That will certainly cost you a distinction grade. Therefore, it is also important to really be expressive when it comes to your playing.