Should You Learn With 1-To-1 Tutor Or In School?

If you want to become a violinist, is it a better idea to take private adult violin lessons Singapore or should you go to one of the public music schools in the country? Which one would suit you more? Here are some of the factors that you could and should be considering before making your decision.

What kind of schedule do you have now?

First of all, what kind of a work or study schedule do you have in Singapore? If you have a very typical work or study schedule, then scheduling of your classes should not be too big of an issue – even if you go to public schools, you would be able to fit them into your lifestyle. However, if your work or study is very irregular timings, then you would find it very difficult to go to a formal school and take up classes consistently. In such a case, then having a tutor to coach you privately would be a much smarter idea.

Are you a very fast or very slow learner?

Second of all, if you are not a particular fast or slow learner, then perhaps either will be great for you. However, if you are a very fast or slow learner, then going to schools can be an issue for you. Because their curriculum for the violin is pretty much fixed, you have to follow their pace whether you like it or not even though you are the one paying the fees. However, with a 1-to-1 teacher, he or she would be able to cater to your pace since you are the only student and his or her direct customer essentially.

What are your musical goals on the violin?

Third of all, are you looking to learn purely to pass and ace the ABRSM exams? If so, then institutions are fine. Their sessions are designed towards helping you ace the exams. However, if you have goals other than that such as playing certain songs and just enjoying the process in general, you might want to consider taking sessions privately instead. They will be able to customize the process to you entirely, which is not the case when it comes to institutions in Singapore.