What Is The Recommended Route To Learn Cello?

Should you take cello lesson Singapore or should you go the trial and error or what some call Do-It-Yourself route?

First of all, if you are willing to spend 30 or 40 years to potentially become great at it, then it really does not matter what choice you make. Because your time horizon is so long, even if you made lots of mistakes along the way, you will still probably achieve some decent level of success as long as you keep at it. However, if your goal is to become good at it within a few years, and become a world-class master at the music instrument within 10 years, then you need every help along the way you can get.

Learning from a teacher

The most recommended way you can achieve this is by being taught by a tutor. Why? Because he or she would have already lived through and made the mistakes that can possibly be made. A capable cellist will be able to guide you and help you skip all the unnecessary mistakes as well as speed up your entire process of learning. If you wanted to have something like a time machine to the future, a mentor is the way to help you achieve that.

Learning by yourself

Do you already have some music background? If you do, and perhaps already know at least some basic theories, then trying to learn it entirely by yourself would be more feasible.

However if you are a complete newbie like most Singaporeans are at the point of starting their journey, then it can be quite confusing to comprehend all of these theory and then combine it with the practical side of things for the cello. As a result of this, if you are a complete newbie, it is much more ideal for you to be taught by a mentor. Besides, there are lots of them you can find in Singapore.

For those of you worried that you are not young enough to learn, the answer is no, you are not overaged for this. As long as your willingness is there, you can do it.