Why Do Parents Send Their Kids To Learn Piano?

Many mums and dads here like to send their little ones to piano lessons Singapore. In fact, whether you stay in a HDB, condominium or landed property, you must have neighbors who have sent at least one or more of their younsters to learn the instrument.

So why is it so popular here among parents? Here are some of the most common reasons why that is the case.

Playing the piano is linked to having a higher IQ

First of all, Singapore is a highly competitive society – from school academic education to workplace career progressions. This means that any concerned mother or father in the country will want their own offspring to have the best edge possible in life. Since playing the piano is linked to having more gray matter in the brain – which is widely believed to be connected to higher IQ levels, people from all over the country are willing to invest in having their offspring learn it so that they can have their own edge over others in life.

Being pianists means their kids can teach it for extra income in their future

Second of all, living here is not cheap in the city no matter where you stay. Any additional form of income is always welcome. As a result of that, some people see being able to play the instrument as being able to potentially become a part time tutor teaching it in the future.

Some students in Singapore take private classes as a form of music tuition

Third of all, some teenagers are enrolled in the Music Elective Programme (MEP). Just like how students take tuition in other subjects here too such as in Mathematics, Physics or whatnot, there are teens who go for sessions for this subject too.

Just because the children want to learn it

Last but not least, obviously there are also mothers and fathers who gift their sons or daughters with these classes simply because they like playing it and want to learn more about it.

As you can tell from the above, there can be many different reasons.