Why Do So Many People Learn The Guitar?

Many adults go for guitar lessons Singapore. Why is that so? Here are some of the main reasons why Singaporeans want to pick up this instrument.

The guitar is portable and convenient

First of all, why not? It is a very portable musical device, and you can bring it even overseas with you when travelling. If you want to be able to play music at a whim, even when you are out of the country, you would be able to play this. However, that is not possible when it comes to many others. But with the guitar, you can even bring it on the airplane – even if you are seated in economy seats!

Many Singaporean men believe they are more attractive to women if they know how to play the guitar

Second of all, whether it is true or not, many believe that women like swooning over men who are able to play this instrument more than any others. Perhaps this is popularized by their behavior among lead guitarists in concerts and more. As a result of that, naturally men are more keen to pick up classes here, and learn it. After all, the dating scene here is not the easiest, and obviously men would want any kind of advantage they can possibly get. So why not? After all, it is pretty cool to be able to play it!

Being a guitarist means they can teach it in the future as a part time or even full time job

Third of all, since it is a popular thing to learn in Singapore, this means that there is also a relatively huge demand for tutors in this area. If you know how to strum it and become good enough  at it, you would be able to eventually become a teacher and earn part time or even full time income from it. To live a comfortable life in an expensive city like SG, you would need good money. By being able to become a potential part time tutor, you would be able to earn extra income, which is always helpful!

Last of all, it is just because it is a cool instrument to master! There need not be much more said about it.