Why Is The Violin So Popular Among Locals?

Many young kids and also parents like to send their young ones to violin lessons Singapore. Why? Here are the most common reasons why that is so.

Being able to play the violin is seen as high class in Singapore

First of all, being a violinist is often seen as something that is very cultured and high class in the country. Whether that is true or not is subjective to you. However, it is most definitely true to most people in the country. Additionally, the locals are No one in the right mind wants to do anything – be it music, academia or career path that is “low-class”. And if the students or their parents can afford these classes, why not learn something that is seen as upper class?

Violin music has a broad appeal

Second of all, in Singapore, most parents prefer if their little ones were to play something that can be more easily “pleasant” to the ears. Most people in the elderly generation at the moment do not really like loud concert noises when it comes to music. They still prefer soothing and calming sounds as their choice. Because of that, they would prefer if their young ones were to learn an instrument which is capable of producing these kinds of sounds instead of loud clashing sounds. The violin is definitely one such example, and so if their child asks them for the opportunity to learn music, it is highly likely that the parents would give them that as one of the main options.

Some Singaporeans become violinists so they can teach it for income in the future

Third of all, some Singaporeans learn it precisely because there is demand among locals for it. Therefore, these students sign up for classes and try to master the instrument so that they can potentially and eventually teach and earn part time income or perhaps even have it as their potential future full time career. This is because they know that there will always be people who want to be taught how to play.