Why The Piano Is Preferred Choice By Many Parents

Among the people who send their kids to music sessions in the country, an overwhelming majority of parents send their little ones to piano lessons in Singapore, over other instruments. Why is that the case and why is it so in demand? Here are some of the main reasons why.

First of all, due to the urban nature of the country, most people in Singapore stay in either HDB flats or condominium units. This means that other music instruments such as the drums can result in a lot of noise for everyone else. As a result of that, unless one has a noise insulating room, it is significantly less likely that one would send their offspring to take such classes. Even for those who prefer being taught in a formal school setting, you need practice to become a master at it. Practising, for example, some other instruments at their own place is just not too practical or realistic for many people.

Second of all, perhaps it is due to the Asian culture, where piano playing skills is just seen as one of the things which can make someone appeared “cultured”. While this is obviously very subjective, it is quite true in the country, and many people actually think so. Because of that, locals send their little ones to learn it.

Third of all, as partially talked about here in a previous blog post, because there is always demand for tutors in this area, by having their offspring learn this skill, they would be able to generate extra part time or perhaps even full time income for themselves tutoring others on how to play it after they are all grown up. And since the demand for tutors in this subject is higher than that of others, it would make more sense to learn it instead as the probability of being able to create more part time income from this would also naturally be higher.