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Electric guitar lessons


You will learn how to produce different types of sounds and tones, using amps and pedals. Electric guitar lessons Derby for students available.

Bass guitar lessons

Bass guitar lessons

Explore a variety of chord melody repertoire, be taught on the rhythmic, harmonic and melodic bass line. Learn from an experienced Derby guitar teacher.

Acoustic guitar lessons

Acoustic guitar lessons

If you want to be able to play famous pop songs or even rock song you hear on the radio or shows, acoustic guitar tuition would be suitable for you.

Classical guitar lessons

Classical guitar lessons

If you like such guitar songs, you will be pleased to know you can learn that with us too. Children and adults of all ages and groups are welcome.

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We provide electric, bass, acoustic and classical lessons in Derby for students via private guitar lessons in Derby

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With us, you are guaranteed of a fast and free matching service experience for your electric guitar lesson, bass guitar classes, acoustic guitar lesson or classical guitar lesson in Derby. Learn from our many selection of experienced teachers with excellent reviews who has been teaching in the music scene for long. You will receive fully customizable guitar classes in Derby with your guitar teacher.

Prior music education or music background is not needed for students and learners who sign up for our music lessons and guitar lessons Derby. With professional guitar tutoring services by our guitar tutors and guitar teachers in Derby, students and learners like you who want to learn to play guitar will be able to learn things from basic guitar techniques to advanced ones and master the musical instrument even if you are a beginner. Students and learners will also be taught music theory during your music lessons and guitar lessons Derby. Many beginners start guitar playing with acoustic guitars. Your guitar learning journey and process of learning music will be a smooth one with our guitar course by our guitar tutors, teachers and instructors. Beginners learn well with our fully trained guitar tutors, teachers and instructors who have lots of experience teaching beginners to play guitars.

Students taking private guitar lessons by a professional guitar tutor from our list of fully trained guitar teachers in Derby will learn basics like how to strum, how chords formed, picking techniques, basic music theory, knowledge and concepts, and step by step, from beginner basics to advance techniques, students will eventually become well versed with playing the guitar musical instrument including chords. Of course, your own diligent practice is necessary too for improving your skill level of musical instruments.

Unlike music schools, we believe in full customization for your guitar course or class when it comes to teaching students, guitar class and your music lessons. Students who sign up for our private guitar lessons will receive individually tailored guitar class by a fully trained guitar tutor who has lots of experience teaching students. Your professional guitar teacher and instructor will provide you with a customized prescribed action plan depending on your lesson goal and current level so you can achieve it. Regardless of your learning style, your teacher will customize your weekly lessons of your guitar course to suit your pace, as well as create a fun environment and great environment – making it suitable for both complete beginners, intermediate and advanced individual student. We do one-to-one lessons, but if you want group lessons eg with a buddy, we can try to arrange for that too. We welcome both child (parents can sign up their children) and adult students of all ages as all of our Derby guitar lessons are individually tailored guitar tuition – making it very easy for students (children or adults) to learn to play the guitar.

We understand everyone has unique needs, but as long as your goal plan is that you want to learn to play, then you are at the right place to be learning guitar. If you want something regimental, go to a music school. If you want something specially customized for you, learn from our guitar tutors, teachers and instructors. Not only do we provide free matching service for students with a professional guitar tutor to provide students with the top Derby guitar lessons, there is no registration fee AND you also get the lowest rate possible with our teachers and instructors. Our guitar tutors, teachers and instructors are also vetted to have great guitar playing skills, good teaching experience and are passionate guitarists themselves.

We believe that the best way for students to learn to play the guitar is via personal and physical guitar classes in Derby with one-to-one teaching by a professional guitar tutor for students. Unlike online guitar tuition, there is instant feedback from a professional guitar teacher and professional guitarist to teach you. We strongly believe that the perfect tutor and Derby guitar lessons is physical music lessons (so instant feedback can be provided) by a personal home guitar tutor who is an experienced guitarist himself or herself.

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