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Our matching services are always FREE and you will also always get the best possible prices or rate for your home one-to-one, private piano lessons in Cardiff, UK with us with a highly recommended piano teacher.

Our Cardiff piano teachers have all achieved Grade 8 practical or higher and Grade 5 music theory or higher from ABRSM or Trinity College accredited examination boards.

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piano lessons for adults

Our adult students want to learn jazz piano, classical piano lessons in Cardiff. Whether you want to learn to play piano to impress your family & friends, learn piano skills, just to relax, or perhaps even become a piano tutor in future, we have the right piano tutor for you.


piano lessons for kids

Children who learn piano lessons tend to perform better academically than their peers. Also, better hand eye coordination, concentration and even higher IQ levels are among other benefits for children who take music tuition. Find the right piano tutor for your children with us today.

piano lessons for beginners

piano lessons for beginners

Everyone starts somewhere. Whether you are an adult looking for piano lessons or a parent looking for Cardiff piano lessons for children or teens, our Cardiff piano teachers are patient & capable of teaching absolute beginners too. Our piano classes can suit your own pace for beginner too.

Patient & nurturing piano teachers in Cardiff

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We provide both adult piano lessons and children's piano lessons in Cardiff.

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With us, you are guaranteed of a fast matching experience with a good music teacher and piano tutor from our fully vetted ABRSM or Trinity College accredited and well-experienced piano teachers in Cardiff UK. Piano students who enroll for our piano courses with one of our piano tutors will also receive fully customized, private and effective piano lessons in Cardiff, UK, regardless of your learning objectives and/or learning style.

Piano pupils of all ages (both adults and children of all ages) – whether you want to start to learn piano to play jazz piano, classical piano, pop songs for leisure, to pass the piano exams (eg go through graded piano courses – and learn sight reading, scales and more), or to eventually have ambitions to play at music concerts, you will be taught by piano teachers in Cardiff UK with raving reviews and a lot of music teaching experience. After you submit the form above, we will better understand your current level of piano skills, prior student learning experience and the right piano course curriculum will be designed according to your goals for your learning. Your piano tutor will customize your private lessons and music tuition accordingly to how you want to learn music.

Every student has different variety of needs for their Cardiff piano lessons. Some pupils take piano lessons Cardiff UK because they want to improve their overall musical knowledge. Others take Cardiff piano lessons  because they want to just learn to play the piano. There are also some people who enroll for Cardiff piano lessons because they want to learn to study music theory, read music, master sight reading, on top of knowing how to play the piano so they can ace the ABRSM exams. Regardless of what you want to achieve via your music lessons, we will find the right music teacher and right piano teacher for your private lessons and piano lessons Cardiff, UK.

Some people wanted to focus on having fun learning to play a new instrument, and our piano teachers in Cardiff will create enjoyable curriculum usually inclusive of playing pop piano lessons for those leisure lesson. This is highly suitable for a beginner or complete beginner lessons and for parents who want their young children (of all ages) to develop a passion for music and progress at their piano performance steadily. This high level of customization is what separates our private home based Cardiff piano teachers from the plain piano lessons you find from a typical Cardiff piano school or music school or piano studios.

Everything starting from your first lesson and piano lesson will be tailored according to your musical interests. That is why many call our piano lessons Cardiff exceptional piano lessons – because there is nowhere else piano students can find such talented musicians as piano tutors to teach students how to read music, music theory, play songs, play the piano and more fully accordingly to your desires. With our piano lessons, you can learn jazz piano from our jazz piano tutorsrock piano lessons or classical piano music from our other piano tutors too.

 We handpick our individual piano tutors for their patience too during piano lessons. We only work with the best Cardiff piano teachers so taking piano lessons Cardiff and learning music with us is always a pleasant experience. Our Cardiff piano teachers are able to teach a wide range of music styles, including but not limited to rock piano lessons, jazz piano, classical piano music and even digital piano and more.

No matter what you want to learn, our Cardiff piano teachers will be able to teach you. Whether it be classical piano lessons, rock piano lessons in Cardiff area, jazz piano or any musical style piano students would like to learn as a new hobby or to reach an advanced level, your allocated piano teacher will tailor your Cardiff piano lessons. Adult beginners are welcome to take music and piano lessons from us and learn from our piano tutors too. Everyone ranging from adult beginners to advanced pianists will be able to find the perfect music and piano teacher for their piano lessons to learn piano playing.

When it comes to music and piano lessons Cardiff for even adult beginnersmusic pop song playing will usually also be taught here to keep these piano students interested and engaged within their piano courses. Teaching piano and music is usually done one-to-one when it comes to our piano lessons Cardiff, but if you want mini group or groups for your Cardiff piano lessons – such as for 2 or more of your children, such a piano course can be arranged with our music and piano tutors.

For those piano students who want to be learning piano for grades or exams, our passionate and highly qualified piano teachers in Cardiff with lots of teaching experience teaching piano will teach those piano students all the necessary playing techniques as well as music theory and provide the needed piano tuition and piano music lessons to meet the learning or lesson goals. Parents who want their child or children (of all ages) to go for ABRSM exam need not be worried or have stress, for the piano lessons and music lesson is not taught just by great, qualified piano teachers in Cardiff, but those who are extremely passionate about their teaching and are nurturing piano tutors. Our Cardiff piano teachers and piano tutors simply know how to teach students whether it is to know how to read music, sight reading or playing piano music.

If you require night time piano tuition or lesson due to your work or school or simply individual preferences, great news. Whatever your needs are for your piano lessons Cardiff, you can request that in the form above and we will get back to you and help match you up with the right piano teacher from our highly vetted and qualified pool of expert piano tutors for you to be taking piano lessons in Cardiff area at your earliest convenience. Enter your information and we will follow it as strictly as possible for your piano lessons Cardiff. Start your first piano lesson with the right music teacher today and greatly improve your piano performance. Experience the difference our Cardiff piano teachers will make for your music and piano playing skills with our piano lessons. Start playing piano today.