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Electric guitar

Electric guitar lessons

Our guitar teachers will teach you how to produce different types of sounds and tones, using amps and pedals on the electric guitar. You will learn electric guitar skills such as downstrokes, upstrokes, single note picking, alternate picking, tremolo picking, harmonics, whammy bar and many more.

Bass guitar

Bass guitar lessons

You will be taught on the rhythmic, harmonic and melodic bass line by a highly qualified guitarist on the bass guitar. During your classes, you would be taught bass guitar skills including but not limited to chords, right hand positioning, pedaling, harmonics and so much more on the guitar.

Acoustic guitar

Acoustic guitar lessons

If you want to play famous pop songs, acoustic guitar lessons would be suitable. You will be allocated a suitable teacher. You will be learning acoustic guitar techniques like string bending, vibrato, sliding, palm muting and choking, strumming and picking and more.

Classical guitar

Classical guitar lessons

For guitar students who prefer playing more traditional guitar music, then the classical guitar would be suited for you. Our teachers will teach you classical guitar techniques like the rest stroke, free stroke, tremolo, arpeggiation and more.


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Guitar lessons in Singapore taught by private guitar teachers

Our home guitar lessons are suitable for beginner or advanced guitar students. Our guitar lessons are also suited for both kids or adults in Singapore. This is because all of our guitar courses and programs are customized.

You will learn basics to advanced techniques

With us, you will learn basics like how to strum, how chords formed, guitar riffs, fingerpicking techniques, basic music theory, knowledge and concepts. You will also be learning stuff like how to hold a guitar pick correctly and properly. Step by step, from basics to advanced techniques, you will eventually become well versed with playing the guitar well and expressively. Our guitar teachers will also assist you in helping you score well in your guitar ABRSM exams if that is your goal too.

Unlike online courses, you will receive instant feedback from your teacher for your private lessons and hence you will be able to correct any mistakes immediately and progress faster.

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