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We provide cello lessons in Singapore taught by the best teachers you can learn to play the cello from in Singapore with our FREE matching service.

Cello lessons in Singapore for beginners

Unlike rigid learning curriculum in a music school, each home cello lesson you receive with our teachers is fully tailored to your musical goals on the cello instrument. Our cello lessons can be suitable for beginners too. If you are a beginner, our cello teachers will guide you starting from the basics.

Learn from a professional cello teacher in Singapore

Whether your goal for taking cello lessons in Singapore is to prepare yourself so you can ace your cello exams, your cello teacher will get you there. You will also learn from beginner basics such as size and weight of cello and more. If you would like to master bow techniques and more and eventually audition and perform for world famous orchestra performances and be recognized as one of the best cellists in Singapore, our cello teachers will also teach you accordingly. They will give you tips and more to help you take your skills to the next level.

The classes will be taught at either your home or the cello teacher’s studio in Singapore.

How much are cello lessons in Singapore?

Beginner level cello lessons – $55 to $100 / lesson

Grade 1 to 3 cello lessons – $55 to $100 / lesson

Grade 4 to 6 cello lessons – $65 to $110 / lesson

Grade 7 to 8  cello lessons – $90 to 160 / lesson

Diploma and above cello lesson – Starting $160 / lesson

cello lessons for adults

Adult cello lessons

Our cello lessons in Singapore are suitable for students of all ages, including adults. We understand adults have busy schedules, thus our private classes can be flexible in timings to suit you.

cello lessons for children

Kids cello lessons

If you are a parent looking to enroll your child or children for private cello classes, we have competent, nurturing and patient cello teachers who are experienced with teaching kids on the cello.

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