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Cello lessons in Singapore by private cello teachers

Unlike rigid learning curriculum in a music school, each home cello lesson you receive with our teachers is fully tailored to your musical goals on the cello instrument. If you are a beginner, our cello teachers will guide you starting from the basics. If you are more advanced, our teachers will help you achieve your music goals on the cello. When you begin your cello journey with us, you will be taught music theory during the cello lessons too.

The cello lessons will be taught at either your home or the cello teacher’s studio in Singapore.

Customised learning curriculum on the cello 

Whether your goal for taking cello lessons in Singapore is to prepare yourself so you can ace your cello exams, for leisure, or to master bow techniques and more and eventually audition and perform for world famous orchestra performances and be recognized as one of the best cellists in Singapore, our teachers will give you cello lessons exactly according to your learning objectives.

Learn different techniques and skills during your cello lessons

You will be taught and learning right hand technique on the cello and learn to control the bow properly – bow speed, weight applied as well as the contact point between the bow hair and the cello string. Cello techniques such as legato, staccato, spiccato, sautille, vibrato, double stops, pizzicato and more will also be taught to you during your cello classes in Singapore.

cello lessons for adults

Cello lessons for adults

Our cello lessons in Singapore are suitable for students of all ages, including adults. We understand adults have busy schedules, thus our private cello lessons can be flexible in timings to suit you.

cello lessons for children

Cello lessons for kids

If you are a parent looking to enroll your child or children for private cello lessons, we have competent, nurturing and patient cello teachers who are experienced with teaching kids on the cello.

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