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adult playing violin

Violin lessons for adults

If you are an adult learner who wants to learn the violin, your adult violin lessons can be catered to fit your busy work schedule. Your allocated teacher will be able to schedule for evening or night classes too.

child holding onto a violin

Violin lessons for kids

For parents who want home violin classes in Singapore for your young child or children, we offer violin lessons and courses for the young ones too. The allocated teacher will be patient, nurturing and give encouragement.

Beginner classes

Even if you are a complete beginner as a violinist, our professional violin teachers will teach you basics and fundamentals at your own pace. Your patient teacher will give guidance for music theory and help you progress as a violinist.

Advanced classes

Our qualified teachers can help advanced violinists who want to take their violin playing skills and knowledge to the next level. Your violin teacher will help you through challenges and maximize your ability as a violinist so you can even perform at a big music concert.

How much does it cost to learn violin in Singapore?

Violin GradeClass Duration (in mins)SGD / Lesson
Beginner45$80 to $90
Grade 145$80 to $90
Grade 245$80 to $90
Grade 345$85 to $95
Grade 445$90 to $100
Grade 545$95 to $105
Grade 645$100 to $110
Grade 760$120 to $140
Grade 860$130 to $150
Diploma60$150 and up

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