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Violin lessons for adults and kids

Some adults are worried about starting to learn the violin only when they are adults. But the truth is, there is no best age to start violin lessons, as long as you are willing to put the effort to learn and practise. If you are a Singaporean adult who wants to learn, great news. The violin classes can be catered to fit your busy work schedule.

If you want to find home violin lessons in Singapore for young children, you will be glad to know we offer classes and courses for them too. Children’s violin lessons and programs can be specially customized to be taught at a pace that best suits them. Group violin lessons can sometimes be arranged for kids.

Violin lessons for beginners or advanced violinists

Our Singapore violin teachers are able to teach students with varying current levels of violin playing skills. Whether you are a beginner who wants to begin learning for the first time or you are an advanced violinist who wants to take your skills and playing to the next level, our teachers can assist you accordingly.

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We specialize in one to one violin lessons because we believe a crucial part of mastering the violin is to receive feedback from an already accomplished violinist. When it comes to online violin lessons, the cost may be cheap, but it can be difficult to reach a high level of mastery eventually because bad habits you picked up at the start are not easily spotted, and difficult to correct if already engrained into you.

Regardless of your current skill levels, whether your goal is to ace your ABRSM exam grades, play jazz or classical violin songs, or simply learning the violin as a hobby, every violin lesson you receive will be tailored to your goals. We will take your learning goals as the most important priority, and base your violin lessons and programs around that so you can improve and reach your goals fast.

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When you register for home violin classes with us, we will analyze your specific requirements, and then match you up with a highly experienced violin teacher in Singapore with years of experience teaching students.

Whether your goal to take violin classes is to pass international music examination board exams such as ABRSM Diploma or to enter prestigious music colleges, or to become a great violinist, our highly recommended great private violin teachers will help you build a strong foundation. After even just one lesson with one of our music teachers, you will notice the sheer difference in quality of your weekly violin lessons.

You will always receive a violin instructor from our pool of highly qualified teachers with great experience in teaching in the music industry in Singapore. Through music theory lessons and practical violin playing with our tutors, you will soon build up your violin skills to rival the best in the world, not just in Singapore.

Our violin teachers will impart their knowledge, technique, skills and passion for the instrument to students. This is done by creating a fun and progress based course designed to develop students confidence in the instrument. With focus on enjoyment too, this will inspire students and keep students motivated.

The music education we provide is suitable for students of all ages (with no age limit) and are always customized one-to-one and specially designed only for you, unlike the fixed, rigid and often boring ones you get from music schools or group lessons. With us, your learning process of learning the violin will not only be fully enjoyable, but very productive.

With us, you will be matched ONLY with a fully vetted ABRSM or Trinity College accredited and highly experienced and good violin teacher Singapore. Whether you are looking for adult violin lessons in Singapore or for your kids (whether your son and / or daughter wants to learn), whether you want advanced or beginner violin lessons Singapore, you will get exactly what you are looking for with us.

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