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Violin lessons for adults

If you are an adult learner who wants to learn the violin, your adult violin lessons can be catered to fit your busy work schedule. Your allocated teacher will be able to schedule for evening or night classes too.

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Violin lessons for kids

For parents who want home violin classes in Singapore for your young child or children, we offer violin lessons and courses for the young ones too. The allocated teacher will be patient, nurturing and give encouragement.

Beginner classes

Even if you are a complete beginner as a violinist, our professional violin teachers will teach you basics and fundamentals at your own pace. Your patient teacher will give guidance for music theory and help you progress as a violinist.

Advanced classes

Our qualified teachers can help advanced violinists who want to take their violin playing skills and knowledge to the next level. Your violin teacher will help you through challenges and maximize your ability as a violinist so you can even perform at a big music concert.

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One to one home violin lessons

We specialize in private violin lessons because we believe a crucial part of mastering the violin is to receive feedback from an accomplished violinist.

Whether your goal is to ace your ABRSM exam grades on the violin, play jazz or classical songs, or learning for fun and joy, your curriculum will be tailored to your individual needs and goals. As a student, you will be learning violin bowing techniques, and other methods too.

During your violin lessons, you will be learning bow strokes including but not limited to Legato, Détaché, Spiccato, Staccato, Détaché, Ricochet, Pizzicato and Tremolo. Students will also learn violin techniques such as Double Stops, Triple Stops, Quadruple Stops, Artificial Harmonics, Natural Harmonics, String Crossing, Left Hand Technique from our teachers, some of whom had played at concerts and on stage before.

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Learn from top violin teachers

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You will receive a violin instructor from our pool of highly qualified teachers with experience teaching. With us, you will be matched only with an ABRSM or Trinity College violin teacher. They have a wide range of teaching methods. Through music theory lessons and practical with our teachers, your violin skills will be building up to rival the best in the world.

Our violin teachers will impart their knowledge, technique and passion for the instrument to students. This is done by creating a fun and progress based course designed to develop students confidence in the instrument and discover the joy in music making. With focus on enjoyment, this will inspire students and keep students motivated.

Lessons suitable for violinists of all ages

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The courses we provide are suitable for learner and students of all ages (no age limit) and are specially designed for you, unlike fixed and boring ones you get from music schools. With us, your learning process of learning the violin will be very enjoyable.

Some adults are worried as they started learning to play the violin only when they are adults. Actually, there is no best age to start, if you are willing to put the effort to learn and practice. With enough dedication, practice, self discipline and guidance from our dedicated teachers, you will build a solid foundation and reach your musical potential.

Students based customised learning programs

orchestra violinists
Children’s music classes and programs will be taught at a pace and teaching style that suits them. Playing the violin has also been linked to increased mental function and social skills for children. Group lessons can sometimes be arranged for parents for their children.

Whether you want advanced or beginner violin lessons, you will get what you are looking for with our team. Whether you want to master Western classical music, become part of the SSO or want to ace your Associated Board of the Royal School of Music or ABRSM grade, we will find the right teacher for you.

When it comes to online lessons, it can be difficult to achieve mastery because bad habits you picked up at the start are not easily spotted, and difficult to correct if already engrained.

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